We do not produce on mass, but according to the zero waste principle. We therefore do not have high stocks, but produce small quantities. We buy the components, i.e. fasteners, beads and wire, individually and process them into finished products in our workshop in Dortmund.

Our dealer for stainless steel components and beads from the Netherlands...

Social commitment
Our dealer from the Netherlands has a strong focus on social engagement. In doing so, it offers people who have limited professional opportunities due to a disability the opportunity to develop and find a place in society. This is made possible through the subsidiary "de Zorgkraal" by offering them a sheltered workplace.

Furthermore, my retailer is a proud participant in the Bead4Life project. This project trains and supports poor, opportunity-less women in Uganda who are looking for sustainable business opportunities to lead their families out of poverty.

It is very important to us to support and enable the expansion of these structures by supporting such an enterprise.
Our supplier for sterling silver components...

This is an experienced company in Poland that has been established for 30 years and not only works with large clients with large purchase quantities, but also supports small businesses by providing an appropriate range of products. All products are manufactured in the factory in Poland under European standards. The employees are paid fairly and receive appropriate training and education. For production, this manufacturer uses only materials of the highest quality: silver with fineness 925 (without nickel).

With his concept, the manufacturer does not only support large chains that buy mass quantities of goods, but explicitly points out that he also specifically supports small businesses with fair prices to build up an identity. Because if you can't or don't want to produce masses in order to prevent throwing away or selling off old collections, obstacles are often put in your way. I am therefore all the more pleased that our manufacturer is consciously supporting small businesses.

Our packaging

About our packaging: We pack our jewellery in FSC certified eco packaging (the manufacturer gives the FSC licence number on his website). The FSC® mark is a guarantee for us that the materials we use come from an FSC® forest where only the trees that the forest can reproduce are felled. It also means that plant and animal life are managed more responsibly, forest workers are trained, wear safety equipment and are paid a fair wage. The mark of responsible forest management. www.fsc.org.

Folgende Prinzipien liegen uns besonders am Herzen

Langlebige Qualität


Was macht Edelstahl nachaltig?

Edelstahl ist einer der wenigen Werkstoffe, der verlustfrei zu 100% recycelt werden kann. Damit entspricht Edelstahl wie kaum ein anderes Material in der Schmuckherstellung den Prinzipien der Nachhaltigkeit und sozialen Verantwortung. Durch seine materielle Beschaffenheit ist Edelstahl besonders Kratz- und Anlauffest und hält ein Leben lang.

Sterling Silber

Premium Selection

Alle unsere Sterlingsilber Schmuckstücke sind mit einem 925 Stempel versehen, welcher die Reinheit des Metalls angibt.

Nachhaltiger Versand

Nachhalige verpackungen

Unsere Schmuckstücke verpacken wir in FSC zertifizierten eco Verpackungen. Das FSC® Zeichen ist für uns eine Garantie, dass die verwendeten Materialien aus einem FSC®-Wald stammen, in dem nur die Bäume gefällt werden, die der Wald auch
reproduzieren kann. Es bedeutet auch, dass das Pflanze- und Tierleben verantwortungsvoller bewirtschaftet werden, die Waldarbeiter ausgebildet
werden, Sicherheitsausrüstung tragen und ein angemessenes Entgelt bekommen. Das Zeichen für verantwortungsvolle Waldwirtschaft. www.fsc.org.


Alle unsere Perlen werden mit größter Sorgfalt und Liebe von Hand verlesen. Wir verwenden echte Süßwasserperlen.