trend alert! We love men's pearl necklaces

    The well-known stars have one thing in common: This year, shiny pearl necklaces are an integral part of their wardrobe. The stars love to wear pearl necklaces, not only on stage, but also in their free time. On the red carpet, on stage or on their social media accounts, the white pearl necklaces adorn the necks of the stars and we can't get enough of this cool trend!

    Pearl necklaces for men: That's why the once stuffy piece of jewelery is back in fashion

    Grandma's pearls were once considered pretty dusty. But the celebrities combine the pieces of jewelry into trendy outfits so that they give you a modern right to exist again. The new generation of male style heroes can love pearl necklaces and the pearl trend! Singer A$AP Rocky prefers to wear the shimmering classic pearl necklaces in a layered look, while singer Harry Styles loves combinations of colorful pearls with stylish floral patterns.

    And this is how you style the trend with our pieces of jewellery:

    White freshwater pearl necklace for men

    Classic white men's pearl necklace - whether worn with a clasp to the front or in a layered look in different lengths - we love!

    Colorful pearl necklace made of freshwater pearls and glass pearls with a flower pattern like singer Harry Styles wears them

    Pearl necklaces for men - a piece of jewelery with a statement

    The pearl necklace as a symbol of integrity - For a piece of jewelry that has been worn mostly by women for centuries and has been associated with elegance, it is an extreme development.

    The keyword here is: gender-neutral dressing. Numerous stars and fashion designers are already questioning gender norms in the fashion world. For big designers, pearls are all the rage on the men's runway, worn grunge-style over distressed knitwear.

    Our conclusion: Dare! Makes a statement and shows the fashion world that there are no norms and limits when it comes to jewelry.