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Creolen Beka
Creolen Beka Sale price€34,90
Creolen Toulon
Creolen Toulon Sale price€34,90
Creolen Herzlia
Creolen Herzlia Sale price€34,90
Charm Creolen 14 mm
Charm Creolen 14 mm Sale price€16,90
Creolen Sale price€36,90
Ohrringe Sale price€34,90
Ohrringe TrinityOhrringe Trinity
Ohrringe Trinity Sale price€29,90
Creolen Sale price€34,90
Creolen FlowerCreolen Flower
Creolen Flower Sale price€34,90
Vintage OhrringeVintage Ohrringe
Vintage Ohrringe Sale price€36,90
Vintage Ohrringe
Vintage Ohrringe Sale price€36,90
Beach to the City Schleifen Ohrringe Gold Ohrringe Schleife
Ohrringe Schleife Sale price€39,90
Ohrringe Sale price€35,90
Ohrringe Sale price€35,90
Ohrringe Sale price€35,90
Ohrringe Sale price€32,90
Ohrringe Sale price€38,90
Ohrringe Sale price€38,90
Ohrringe Sale price€35,90
Ohrringe MontenegroOhrringe Montenegro
Ohrringe Montenegro Sale price€39,90
Ohrringe TropfenOhrringe Tropfen
Ohrringe Tropfen Sale price€32,90
Creolen Daisy
Creolen Daisy Sale price€36,90
Creolen Butterfly
Creolen Butterfly Sale price€34,90
Creolen Begur
Creolen Begur Sale price€34,90
Creolen Rom GoldCreolen Rom Gold
Creolen Rom Sale price€35,90
Creolen DropCreolen Drop
Creolen Drop Sale price From €32,00
Creolen MombasaCreolen Mombasa
Creolen Mombasa Sale price€34,90
Creolen SafagaCreolen Safaga
Creolen Safaga Sale price€34,90
Creolen PearlyCreolen Pearly
Creolen Pearly Sale price€34,90
Creolen Saint Tropez
Creolen Saint Tropez Sale price€34,90
Creolen Sale price€28,90
Sold outOhrringe Herzlia
Hoop Earrings "North" Sale price€35,90
Creolen SydneyCreolen Sydney
Hoop Earrings "North" Sale price€36,90
Sold outCreolen Esberg
Creolen Esberg Sale price€29,90
Ohrringe PlemontOhrringe Plemont
Hoop earrings Vigo Sale price€38,90
Creolen CadaquésCreolen Cadaqués
Creolen Cadaqués Sale price€38,90
Save 8%Creolen OviedoCreolen Oviedo
Creolen Oviedo Sale price€32,90 Regular price€35,90
Creolen Tarragona 2cmCreolen Tarragona 2cm
Creolen Tarragona 2cm Sale price€34,90
Creolen Tarragona 3cmCreolen Tarragona 3cm
Creolen Tarragona 3cm Sale price€36,90
Sold outCreolen ValenciaCreolen Valencia
Creolen Valencia Sale price€38,00
Sold outCreolen Cartagena
Creolen Cartagena Sale price€34,90
Creolen Langre
Creolen Langre Sale price€35,90
Creolen Hayle
Creolen Hayle Sale price€38,90
Ohrringe HerzliaOhrringe Herzlia
Earrings Herzlia Sale price€59,90
Ohrringe MarbellaOhrringe Marbella
Earrings Marbella Sale price€119,00
Ohrringe GaetaOhrringe Gaeta
Earrings Gaeta Sale price€59,90
earrings Sale price€35,00
Creolen BariCreolen Bari
Hoop earrings Bari Sale price€34,90
Creolen LecceCreolen Lecce
Hoop earrings Lecce Sale price€35,90
Creolen AlberobelloCreolen Alberobello
Alberobello Creoles Sale price€36,90

Golden Basic Creoles by Beach to the City

Golden creoles are a timeless trend. With the perfect ear party, you can enhance any outfit.

In the Basic collection from Beach to the City, you'll find all kinds of basic golden hoops: small golden hoops, earrings with pendants, stainless steel hoops. Whether you are looking for golden chunky hoops or simple everyday jewellery, you will find it here. Browse our earrings in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

Gold hoop earrings for your ear party

If you have more than one ear hole, you can mix and match with our gold hoop earrings. Mix and match gold hoop earrings in different sizes and shapes. Mix earrings with coloured stones and earrings with different pendants to create a spectacular ear party. More is more, there are no limits to your creativity. Our products are easy to mix and match. Combine our gold stud earrings, gold dangling earrings, gold ear cuffs or gold hoop earrings.

Gold hoop earrings make the perfect gift

If you are looking for elegant earrings as a gift for him or her, gold hoop earrings are just the thing. Our hoops are the perfect accessory. Golden hoop earrings are a fantastic gift that will make any woman or man happy. Beautiful jewellery is always a great surprise! We have many different gold hoop earrings in our range, so you're sure to find the perfect gift! Whether you're looking for a birthday gift, a Valentine's Day gift, a graduation gift or a gift for another special occasion, gold hoops are always the perfect choice!