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Pearl Necklace CascaisPerlenkette Cascais
Pearl Necklace Cascais Sale price€69,90
Perlenkette PanamaPerlenkette Panama
Panama Necklace Sale price€69,90
Perlenkette DackelPerlenkette Dackel
Pearl Necklace Dachshund Sale price€129,00
Kette DackelKette Dackel
"Dachshund" Necklace Sale price From €85,00
Kette "Capri"Kette "Capri"
Necklace "Capri" Sale price€69,90
Armband CascaisArmband Cascais
Cascais bracelet Sale price€38,90
Creolen FlorenzCreolen Florenz
Hoop earrings Florence Sale price€35,90
Sold outKette CastelloKette Castello
Chain Castle Sale price€69,90
Armband PanamaArmband Panama
Panama Bracelet Sale price€36,90
Geschenkgutschein DigitalGeschenkgutschein Digital
Beach to the City Gift Card Sale price From €20,00
Karte zum Verschenken
Karte zum Verschenken Sale price€1,00
Perlenkette CaxiasPerlenkette Caxias
Pearl necklace Caxias Sale price€149,00
Kette TaviraKette Tavira
Chain Tavira Sale price€35,90
Choker Alghero
Choker Alghero Sale price€45,90
Panama charmBuchstaben Charm "Panama“
Panama charm Sale price€9,00
Kette SyltKette Sylt
Sylt chain Sale price€38,90
Creolen HerzliaCreolen Herzlia
Hoop earrings Herzlia Sale price€32,90
Save 25%Beach Bear charmCharm "Beach Bear"
Beach Bear charm Sale price€9,00 Regular price€12,00
Creolen SyltCreolen Sylt
Creoles Sylt Sale price€36,90
Armband Riga
Riga Bracelet Sale price€35,90
Kette Venedig 1 CharmKette Venedig 1 Charm
Necklace Venice 1 Charm Sale price€32,00
Armband "Capri"Armband "Capri"
Capri Bracelet Sale price€36,90
Kette MigdalKette Migdal
Chain Migdal Sale price€38,90
Creolen MalibuCreolen Malibu
Hoop earrings Malibu Sale price€35,90
Sold outKette LyonKette Lyon
Lyon chain Sale price€29,00
Creolen DropCreolen Drop
Creolen Drop Sale price From €32,00
Perlen Choker BarryPerlen Choker Barry
Pearl Choker Barry Sale price€79,90
Perlen Charm SmallPerlen Charm Small
Pearl Charm Small Sale price€19,90
Single Hoop DackelSingle Hoop Dackel
Single Hoop Dachshund Sale price From €59,90
Creolen "Norden"Creolen "Norden"
Hoop Earrings "North" Sale price From €19,00
Beach to the City Schleifen Ohrringe Gold Ohrringe Schleife
Ohrringe Schleife Sale price€39,90
Ring TaviraRing Tavira
Ring Tavira Sale price€25,90
Kette HerzliaKette Herzlia
Necklace Herzlia Sale price€49,00
Ring BarryRing Barry
Ring Barry Sale price€29,90
Creolen "Dingle" LargeCreolen "Dingle" Large
"Dingle" large hoop earrings Sale price€29,90
Armband CastelloArmband Castello
Castello Bracelet Sale price€36,90
Kette RigaKette Riga
Riga chain Sale price€59,90
Creolen "Bermuda" 2 cmCreolen "Bermuda" 2 cm
Hoop earrings "Bermuda" 2 cm Sale price€26,90
Save 17%Armband Super MomArmband Super Mom
Armband Super Mom Sale price€24,90 Regular price€29,90
Ring Sale price€25,90
Single Hoop "Balloon Dog"Single Hoop "Balloon Dog"
Single Hoop "Balloon Dog" Sale price€39,00
Save 8%Armband "Alghero" rotArmband "Alghero" rot
Alghero Bracelet Sale price€32,90 Regular price€35,90
Charm Kette mit ovalem Verschluss Paperclip ChainCharm Kette mit ovalem Verschluss Paperclip Chain
Charm Kette mit ovalem VerschlussCharm Kette mit ovalem Verschluss
Charm SmileyCharm Smiley
Charm Smiley Sale price€12,90
Sold outCreolen Esberg
Creolen Esberg Sale price€29,90
Armband BarryBarry Bracelet
Barry Bracelet Sale price€45,90
Perlenkette AiraPerlenkette Aira
Pearl necklace Aira Sale price€99,90
Creolen SalvadorCreolen Salvador
Hoop earrings Salvador Sale price€29,00
Creolen PalermoCreolen Palermo
Hoop earrings Palermo Sale price€19,90